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Bro. & Sis. Hume

Cork, Ireland 

God called Bro. Hume out of a life of sin in 2004. Within a year of being baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost, Bro. Hume answered God’s call upon his life to preach the gospel. Having been voted the quietest person in his graduating class, this was no easy task, but God sent help. By God’s design no doubt, Bro. Hall, a missionary to Africa, visited the church one Sunday morning and shared his experiences in Africa. When the altar call was made, Bro. Hume came forward knowing God was calling him to preach but struggling to surrender. Bro. Hall stepped down from the platform, never seen or heard of Bro. Hume prior, put his arm around the weeping Bro. Hume, and said, “It’s a commitment and you have got to do it.” Bro. Hume informed his pastor, Phillip Cook, that evening of God’s call on his life.

Bro. Hume never forgot Missionary Hall’s words and often pondered them. It was no coincidence that God sent a missionary to Bro. Hume. In 2011, after much prayer, a door opened to go to Ireland to assist Missionaries Thomas and Linda Potter in outreach. During that endeavor, a burden for the people of Ireland was placed in his heart. God had more in store for Bro. Hume. God blessed him with a wife, the Potter’s daughter, Julie. Sis Hume had spent most of her life on the mission field with her parents. She was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost at a young age. The mission field is her passion. She says, “There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than being totally involved with God and His great Kingdom, spreading His glorious gospel to all who hunger and thirst for Him!”

After marrying in 2011 and laboring with the Potters until 2013, the Humes left Ireland and returned to Bro. Hume’s home church in Marshfield, Missouri to assist Pastor Cook. During that time God blessed them with a wonderful son, David. After much prayer, tests and trials, God began to stir the heart of Bro. and Sis. Hume concerning Ireland. While at a men’s conference, seeking to meet new acquaintances, God spoke to Bro. Hume and said, “This is not the way it’s going to be for you, I’ve called you to Ireland.” Shortly after, at the Potter’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration, a picture slideshow of various baptisms, services, and prayer meetings in Ireland was shown. As the faces of Irish and various other nationalities began to flash on the screen, Bro. Hume found that he could barely contain the tears and sobs that were welling up within him. After saying, “Yes Lord” they have struck out in faith to return to Ireland and start a new work in the city of Cork.

Pray for a great revival in the beautiful country of Ireland! 

Meet Sam. Sam is an Irish lady that we just met who was searching for someone to baptize her in the name Jesus. So, of course, I was thrilled to oblige. She came to the revelation of water baptism while taking an online prophecy course taught by Irvin Baxter. She is so hungry for God. Please pray for Sam as she seeks the baptism of the Holy Ghost. What a burden was lifted from her when I baptized her, she couldn’t stop smiling. What a difference it makes when you obey the Word of God. Hallelujah!!!

The castle in the city (Waterford) where we lived 6 years ago. It is in use, a fancy hotel—500 euros per night! We never stayed in it.

Gathering in for Bible study. Missing a few. What a joy to share the Word of God and watch God change lives for the good.

In March of 2020, Bro. and Sis. Hume were in the states on deputation. They were only supposed to be in Farmington for a weekend, but it turned into a month and a half. In that time, the Humes and the Brixner families became very close. We are all so very thankful for the special friendship. 

We had to move out of the house we were renting in Cork City in 2019. After a month of searching and applying for houses we could not get one. On this day one year ago our bags were packed and sitting in the foyer ready to go but we had nowhere to go. Not a pleasant feeling when you have a family and your 4,000 miles from home. But God had a plan. One of the men in our church works on the dairy farm where this cottage is located. It was for rent and we asked if he would ask his boss if we could move in. His boss, now our landlord, agreed without any references or inquiries. You talk about a load off your mind!!! God is so good, He is always on time! You can depend on Him. We are still here and so thankful. Jesus never fails. I have no regrets in following Him.

Sometimes you've got to improvise. I got tired of having no pulpit, so I just stacked some furniture. Works!

Cork, Ireland needs the Gospel!

Old Head of Kinsale. Took a little journey about an hour from the house. First bit of sunshine we had seen in two weeks. Beautiful! For you history buffs it was off the Old Head of Kinsale that the RMS Lusitania sank on May 7, 1915 causing the death of 1198 civilians. She was torpedoed by a German U boat in WW1.

Bro. Hume and Pastor Brixner at Summit 2021.

Bro. & Sis. Shell​

Andling, Germany

Brother Brian Shell and his wife Sherry were married on June 15, 1996. They have two wonderful children, Austin and Kaelyn. In 1998, Brother Shell began his journey walking with the Lord Jesus Christ. After eight months of receiving Bible studies at his job, he was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Four months later, on February 28, 1999, Brother Shell received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Sister Shell came into the church soon after.

From the beginning of their walk with God, Brother and Sister Shell have had a great burden to see others experience the saving power of Jesus Christ. They began helping in their local church any way they could: cleaning, outreach, bus ministry, Sunday school, Bible studies, etc. In 2002, Brother Shell received his call to preach the gospel. Since that time, God has molded their ministry into what it is today.

After receiving his call into the ministry, Brother Shell prayed that wherever God opened doors, he would step through them. Feeling a burden in his spirit, Brother Shell began seeking God’s direction for his ministry. In August of 2011, Brother Shell was invited by Missionary Joseph Conroy to preach in Augsburg, Germany. As the plane landed in Germany, the Lord spoke to Brother Shell saying, “This is where I want you, and this is what I want you to do.” Brother Shell was in Germany for one month. After returning to the United States, he began making preparations to return to Germany with his family. In a very short time, the Lord opened the doors for them to go to Germany.

In 2012, Brother and Sister Shell planted their first work in the village of Aindling, Germany. Almost immediately, many connections were made. Within the first year, their neighbor, along with her three children, were all baptized in Jesus’ name. All three children have also now received the gift of the Holy Ghost. In October of 2013, Brother and Sister Shell received German residency. Many people in Germany are tired of religious traditions and are seeking a true experience with the one true living God. Please pray for the Shell family as they work for the Lord in Germany. In the words of Brother Shell, “We are honored that God has called us to preach this wonderful gospel.”

Pray for the country of Germany! 

Thanking God for one more soul being born again.

@j.oannnn being baptized in Jesus name! Thank you Jesus, a new name written down in glory.

Thankful for what the Lord is doing in the life of Joan November 5th she received the Holy Ghost. We are presenting her with her first Bible ever. #revival #germany #salvation

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