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  • an important assignment carried out for political, religious, or commercial purposes, typically involving travel:
  • a group of people sent on a mission:
  • an organization or institution involved in a long-term assignment in a foreign country:
  • the vocation or calling of a religious organization, especially a Christian one, to go out into the world and spread its faith:
  • a strongly felt aim, ambition, or calling:

Every apostolic, holy ghost filled person is on a mission. The field we are at is what sets us apart. Some are called to be a Pastor, Sunday School teacher, Musician, Janitor, Youth Pastor, etc. Others are called to a country or to a city/state they didn't grow up in. No matter your calling, you are still on the mission field. Everywhere is a mission field. When you go to Wal-Mart, that is a mission field. When you go on vacation, that is mission field. How you act toward others is a mission field. Until the whole world has heard the gospel and every person on this earth has the Holy Ghost, or we are in Heaven, we are on the mission field. What you do for Jesus matters. Whether it's shaking a hand and being friendly to that person that is mad at the world, or knocking doors to invite people to church, IT MATTERS! 

Missions is very near and dear to the people of Cornerstone Apostolic Church. This work was started from the ground up. The area we are in is surrounded by Tribal lands. The Navajo Nation needs the Gospel. Who will bring it? Who will go to the Jicarilla tribe and teach them Acts 2:38? Who will go to the tribes in Africa and tell them Jesus loves them? People are hungry for the Truth in this crazy world. 

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